september 24th, 2021

Acacia Graves is by far one of the coolest coworkers I have ever had the pleasure to work with! She is so talented in so many ways and one of them being her gift of thrifting! When I first mentioned doing a photoshoot with her, her eyes lit up and she told me she had a perfect dress in mind that she had found at St. Vinnie's. Little did I know this dress was from Lulus, fits her like a GLOVE, and was ONLY $10! Let me say it again for those that didn't read that last part: THIS DRESS WAS TEN DOLLARS!

Planning this little styled shoot was the highlight of my week! We went to Safeway and created a makeshift bouquet that is now styling my hardwood dresser in my room. The best thing about this whole shoot is the fact that Acacia is actually getting married in December, so this whole shoot gave Acacia a taste of being a bride before her's and Matt's big day in December.

One of the coolest things about Acacia is she found THE DRESS for her big day at a "second-hand" store that donates the proceeds to help women who suffer from domestic abuse and it is from 1910! If that doesn't explain just how cool of a person Acacia is, nothing will! I cannot wait to see what magic is created on their big day by her brother-in-law, but for now, I will be fawning over these images of this beautiful woman of God.