Braden + Audrey

When I asked Braden where one of Audrey's favorite spots were, his first response was the beach. So naturally, I instantly thought of Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City. This location has been on my list of places to shoot at for a long time now and Braden and Audrey were the PERFECT couple for this spot! They tackled the giant dune like champs and still looked like they should be on the cover of a magazine afterwards! That's magic in my eyes!

The best part of the shoot was sharing this location with Braden and Audrey. It was their first time to Cape Kiwanda and although the fog put a small damper at the beginning of the shoot, like us all, they were smitten with the state park. We arrived around 6 pm and everywhere else besides the beach was beautifully sunny. I'm not going to lie - I was a little sad when I saw so much fog. I was hoping for them to experience the park in all its beauty, but I quickly realized the true beauty that was in the fog. It created such a beautiful and clean background for their photos and I fell in LOVE.

Braden and Audrey were the real troopers of the night. They changed clothes behind a huge rock, climbed a huge dune, rolled in the sand, and even ran into the freezing cold ocean. The willingness and pure joy while being so vulnerable in front of the camera was so beautiful. "We'll do whatever Siobhan!" was music to my ears and the art that resulted from those words is even more beautiful.

If I have any advice for my future couples, be willing to be vulnerable. Show your emotions. Let your love flow.

Your shoot is your time to show your partner ALL THE LOVE, however you may express it!

Also, the most important part, have fun!