Siobhan Lynette Photography

Zane + Chelsie

This beautiful summer wedding day was nothing short of PERFECT. Zane and Chelsie had been dating for seven years before they finally tied the knot and let's just say, their big day was worth the wait! Every detail was so beautifully planned out - from the thoughtful gift to her mother, to the large bottle of Chanel perfume that Zane gave Chelsie. The love that was shared not only between the bride and groom, but also in every single person that showed up to celebrate and support the two of them!

This wedding was extra special to me because of the people. Growing up in the same small town as these two wonderful people made the

entire day that much more amazing! These two are some of the kindest people I have ever been able to meet and I cannot wait to see where their love takes them.

I wish Chelsie and Zane nothing but the best and a lifetime of happiness.

I introduce to you,

Mr. and Mrs. Schnetzky!