Abby & Mitchell

Hearing your best friend talk about a super tall, dark haired guy she met at a church dance with such genuine excitement is enough to make you fall in love with him as well. Which is exactly what I did when I saw the way Mitchell cares for and loves Abby. The two little 14 year olds who went to prom together found each other once again after time apart, missions served, and hearts grew fonder. The spark I saw in my best friend's eyes as a 14 year old was still there and even stronger when she told me about their reconnection while she was in college. There was never a loss of love, only a lapse in time.

I still remember Abby describing their love. She said "He's my best friend Siobhan. It's a love I have never felt before." Having the love of your life also being your best friend is the type of love that is full of fun and excitement, which these two radiate. The joy that Mitchell brings out in Abby and visa versa is so contagious. Seeing my best friend so happily in love is one of the greatest feelings I have ever been able to experience. I am so excited to see where life takes these two young lovers!